The Stimpod is designed to restore the natural functionality of nerve cells using a novel, non-invasive approach. The therapy is administered with a pen-like stimulation probe on the skin surface that elicits a light electrical sensation.


The Stimpod is non-invasive, drug free

It's designed for managing symptoms
of chronic intractable pain.

Stimpod 460 Features

> Long-term relief from chronic pain
> Restores natural nerve functionality
> Fast onset of action
> No side-effects

Are you in pain?

The Stimpod’s patented waveform is delivered transcutaneously and affects the cellular metabolic activity of a neuropathic nerve.
The induced electromagnetic field propagates as short bursts and travels along the axons to the spinal dorsal horn, restoring intra-neural communication pathways and natural nerve functionality.
Nerve locating technology allows you to find the affected nerve through the skin. Accurate placement of the treatment probe is confirmed by muscle twitches for motor nerves and patient feedback for sensory nerves.



Urinary Incontinence

The STIMPOD NMS460 is cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration, and it complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety, and environmental protection legislation (CE-certified).
Some Stimpod therapies can be delivered effectively in as little as five minutes.
We only have a limited number of spots available for Doctors who really want to improve outcomes for their patients and income for themselves.

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Stan Esecson
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